How much do I need to run to lose weight?

Weight loss

Running is essential to maintain good health. It, not only maintains stamina but also reduces weight. It decreases  fat, store in the body, by burning it in the form of calorie. Also, Running boosts the calorie burning. But How much do I need to run to lose weight? The more you run, the more you burn thecalorie. So, I say “Run to Lose Weight” .

But you should run regularly. If you want to reduce fat fast, you should run at least five times a week. Even if your purpose is to maintain good health instead of losing weight, you should run at least three times a week. You should be determined about your schedule. You should avoid laziness and start running. There are several tips that can be useful to lose weight:

  1. Running Environment:

    Find the track near your location. Run counterclockwise on the track to avoid collision. Furthermore, if there is not any track near to your location, find a proper, safe and comfortable routes.

    How much do I need to run to lose weight
    Track for a Workout
  2. Follow Rules:(

    Don’t start running fast from the first day. If you are beginner, use outermost track for slow running. The innermost track is used by people for fast running.

  3. Follow Schedule:

    Fix your time for running. Some people like running in the morning while others like to run in the evening. It depends on individual. Some people get tired in the evening after too much office work and thus they don’t run actively. For such people, it is advisable to run in the morning. While some people complain of getting hungry in the morning. In such cases, it is advisable to take small snacks before running.

  4. Buy shoes:

    Beginners might be wondered, what to wear for running? It is advisable to choose proper pair of shoes. If you have some uncomfortable old shoes, then it is better not to use that because uncomfortable shoes cause injury to foot. It’s not necessary to buy expensive shoes. Buy proper pair of running shoes which matches your foot type and prevents injury. You can buy the following shoes:

    Best Shoe for running
    Shoes for Running
  5. Buy comfortable Clothes:

    Don’t run in tight fitting clothes/jeans. Wear comfortable clothes. Woman can wear good and supportive sports bra. Also, don’t overdress. When you run, your body temperature increases. In this case, overdress causes suffocation. Also, you’ll get wet.  You can wear proper T-shirts and shorts.

  6. Fitness Program: 

    It’s a good option to opt for fitness program. Trainer motivates you regularly. There are various fitness program available online. You can join ‘3 Week Diet’ or ‘Kinetic Relolution’.

    3 Week Diet
    3 Week Diet
    Kinetic Relolution
    Kinetic Relolution


  7.  Water Bottle:

    Carrying a bottle during running might be tedious. But it’ll be useful to avoid dehydration. So, even if it’s not too hot, it’ll be better to keep hydrated.

  8. Read ebook:

    There are a lot of informations available in ebook. You might get some tips which are useful for your workout. You’ll get some unique fitness ebooks from here.

  9. Fitness Food:

     Today’s “Diet” Foods stress your body, confuse your hormones, and create deadly inflammation. Learn more about diet food at Fast Fat Burning  Meals.

    Fitness Food
    Fitness Food


  10. Use Sauna:

    First of all, Sauna helps in burning calories and you’ll really lose weight. Make it a routine part of your life. The sauna is found to have some health benefits like it relieves stress, fluxes toxins, cleanses the skin etc. But, do not give up real workout.                                                                                                        I hope that this post ‘How much do I need to run to lose weight’ will help you in choosing proper plan. 

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